October 23, 2006

We need the police to police

That strange emergent phenomena called society has certain needs, such as the protection of it's members. If the state chooses not to do this then this protection will still emerge just in different forms. This could be neighborhoods buying their own police, setting up their own borders, vigilantes setting suspected criminals on fire, or a fat man unloading the contents of his fridge on a neighborhood nuisance. The state may not be happy about it's abandoned turf being taken over, and certainly does it's best to discourage any self reliance that shows up it's meager efforts. But since the State has abandoned one of it's primary roles society will take up the slack eventually, even if the results will not be just and certainly won't be pretty.

At times it seems like the State wants social breakdown. On the one hand there are worries about Britain is in danger of becoming a nation fearful of its young people, with Britons far less likely than anybody else to intervene to protect the social commons should they see anti-social behaviour, something the State has become unwilling or unable to do itself. Yet at the same time the state comes down with all its might on any that do, and legislates to destroy structured activities for young people that could stop anti-social behaviour. It attempts to force all social interactions through itself trying to nationalise the people and have them run by a committee of bureaucrats. But with the nationalisation of industry having been an unmitigated failure what other option is there for the socialists that rule us? This is both illiberal and doomed to failure, even if it could get all interactions to require government approval it would be impossible for any government department to judge them even a fraction as well as the massed interactions of the functioning society that it seeks to destroy. It doesn't help that the multicult has elevated some people are above the law so attacking the basic premise that we are all equal under it.


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